Web design

Web Design

Most of my websites are fully built and customised using WordPress.org, creating my own themes via HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript coding.

If you are not looking for a fully customised website, I can also help you create a WordPress.com website. These websites are hosted by WordPress once you create the domain name and are much easier to work on if you’re not tech savvy. But they are also much more limited in what you can do.

This is why I use WordPress.org, this application allows me to build you exactly the website that you need.

Have a website that looks truly unique!


What kind of website can Truly Fetching Designs build for me?


A website that tells customers about your products and services

A shopping website where people can buy directly online and the money goes to your account

A website where clients can book sessions with you online

An education based website for community groups or services, providing information

A website that always look great on a mobile



What is included when Truly Fetching Designs is building my website?


I help you find the hosting service that fits your needs

I assist you to get the domain name you want

I set up your new email addresses

I build a responsive website that perfectly reflects your business, association or hobby

Search Engine Optimisation is always included in my services

I also offer you support for one month after the site is built

I provide ongoing support at a fair rate